Chamber of Commerce and industry of Republic of Srpska

About Us

Chamber of Commerce and industry of Republic of Srpska, with its Regional Chambers in Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Doboj, East Sarajevo and Trebinje, makes a unique Chamber System of Republic of Srpska.

The Chamber is a non-governmental, independent, professional – business organization, non-profit public – legal association of business subjects and economic associations from the territory of Republic of Srpska. Activities of RS Chamber of Commerce and Industry are primarily focused on representing the interests of members and the economy as a whole before the legislative and executive authorities, as well as to connect entrepreneurs in the RS and BiH and development of economic relations of the RS economy with the economies of other countries, professional trainings and the provision of all necessary information and advisory services to its members.

Chamber members are: companies, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions engaged in economic activity in Republic of Srpska. Also, members can be: business and professional associations, interest associations, scientific – research and educational institutions, associations, foundations, entrepreneurs, agricultural cooperatives and other entities engaged in activities of importance to the economy, if they show interest in membership in the Chamber.

Chamber activities are governed by its members through their representatives, on the principle of democratic decision-making and mutual responsibility. Chamber members exercise their rights via direct participation of its representatives in the work of the bodies of the Chamber and via other forms of organization and work of the Chamber. The Chamber achieves its tasks through the Assembly and the Board of Directors, branch associations and their bodies, committees, councils and through other forms of organization and work in the Chamber, as well as through its Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry and their bodies.

Funds for the Chamber activities are collected from membership fees, paid by Chamber members as mandatory, incomes from providing business services and other sources. The fee paid by the Chamber members, is calculated on the basis of their economic strength. The decision on the method of calculation, the amount of annual membership fees, terms and manner of payment, on the basis of previously defined criteria, adopts the Assembly of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Republic of Srpska.

In order to meet the needs of members and to improve the operations of the Chamber, in the Unique Chamber system a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 was introduced and certified.

Chamber of Commerce and industry of Republic of Srpska

Branka Ćopića 6, 78000 Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel: +387 51 493-121, 493-120
Fax: +387 51 493-126

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 8 am – 4 pm


Olivera Radić

Quality representative

Branka Ćopića 6, 78000 Banja Luka
+387 51 232 950
+387 51 215 565


President of the Chamber

President of the Chamber represents the Chamber, is responsible for the legality of the Chamber work, manages its work and coordinates the activities of bodies and other forms of organization and work of the Chamber. He takes care of cooperation with the National Assembly and the Government of Republic of Srpska, ministries, state authorities and other bodies and organizations in Republic of SrpskaPresident of the Chamber is elected and dismissed by the Chamber Assembly. President of the Chamber performs the function without employment (on a voluntary basis).

Vice-Presidents of the Chamber

Chamber has two vice-presidents, elected and dismissed by the Chamber Assembly. Vice-Presidents of the Chamber monitor and analyze the situation in the area for which they are responsible, propose measures to establish the proposal of the Chamber bodies on important issues of the economic system, development and economic policy, regional and international cooperation of the Chamber and perform other tasks entrusted to them by the President of the Chamber. Vice Presidents of the Chamber act without employment (on a voluntary basis).

Director of the Chamber

Activities of the Director of the Chamber are established by the Statute, Work programmes and conclusions of the Chamber Assembly.

As President and Vice-Presidents of the Chamber perform functions without employment (on a voluntary basis), the work of the Chamber is managed by the Director, who is also responsible for the legality of the Chamber work. Director of the Chamber is elected and dismissed by the Assembly on the proposal of the Management Board of the Chamber.

Quality Policy

Quality policy is a part of the basic policy of the Chamber system of Republic of Srpska, it is based upon constant improvement of the quality of business and represents the frame for defining the Quality Goals.Chamber system of Republic of Srpska consists of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Republic of Srpska, headquatered in Banja Luka, and five regional Chambers: Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Doboj, East Sarajevo and Trebinje.The main task of the Chamber system is representing interest of the economy before authorities, especially in preparation of economic legislature, regarding adoption of measures and mechanisms of economic system, economic policy and development policies. Regional chambers support development processes in their regions, taking care on overall development, goals and interests of the economy. Users of Chamber services are enterprises, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions, performing activities relevant for the economy. Establishing the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008, Chamber system adopted key elements of the Quality policy and decided for:

  • Providing services to the members and other interested parties,
  • Promoting members in the country and abroad,
  • Supporting adjustment of the economy to the European standards,
  • Realizing professional education programmes,
  • Business counseling and informing,
  • Constant monitoring of economy needs and adjustment of the Chamber services to it.

The quality management system of the Chamber is focused on continuous discovery of defects in operations and their  elimination through contribution of all employees and the innovation of processes and operations.

Vision & Mission


To become a leading institution in Republic of Srpska in the field of representing the interests of its economy, promoting and linking the economy, business, education, information and advisory services.


For the purpose of economic development of Republic of Srpska, as a common mission of our members, we have been entrusted to:

  • represent the interests of the economy before the authorities and thus create conditions for the improvement of operations;
  • create and improve business ties with foreign countries and to present Republic of Srpska economy in the country and abroad;
  • provide a professional education, business information and counseling.

Program goals

  • Creating a more favorable environment for economic activity within the overall economic system;
  • Increasing competitiveness of the economy of Republic of Srpska;
  • Improving business cooperation through the promotion of Republic of Srpska economy in the country and abroad;
  • Participation in the social dialogue in order to achieve stable economic relations;
  • Increase efficiency of Chamber activities and its promotion.

The Annual Work Programme shall define framework tasks of the Chamber, which, during the year, if necessary, are changed and adapted to the current economic situation and the requirements of membership, and are realized through all bodies of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RS and its regional chambers, branch associations and professional Services.